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Green Data Center Searches & Site Selection

We have an extensive approach for data center site selection which involves much more than simply looking for “good dirt” to build on. First, we get a good understanding of how big the facility needs to be, how much “white space” it needs to yield, power density requirements and connectivity / latency required. Our approach is to then map out the utility substations and determine power availability at each substation. We then focus on the preferred 2 or 3 substations and use fiber mapping software to overlay the major networks. From there we conduct ring searches from the power out to find the best Greenfield site. We will also look at the environmental risks, tax impact and demographics as we drill down on a particular site.


What is a Green Data Center?

Green data centers are designed to maximize energy efficency with minimum environmental impact. From the design, constrution and operation of a green data center uses the latest advances in technology and architectural knowledge.

The planning and costs of a green data center yield higher up front costs which are recouped over long term savings of running the center. Because of the efficiency and nature of the design, it is easier to improve relations with local agencies. In addition, because of the design the data center offers employees a better and healthier work environment. So, it's not only good for financial gain but can be considered a safer and more enjoyable to people.

Here are some examples of what it takes to be a green data center:

  • An easier maintainable and sustainable landscape
  • Recycling
  • Low emmission building materials and secondary emmissions from employees travelling to work
  • Footprint minimizing
  • Working with local authorities for green certification
  • Good climate location