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Data Center Roll-ups & Data Center Acquisitions

Some clients feel the best approach to growth in new markets is through acquisitions and/or roll-ups. In these cases, they might purchase a mid-level provider in a single market to gain quick access to a new market and revenues. In other instances, our clients have a strategy to roll-up mid level providers in several markets to achieve larger market footprints. This could be an east coast provider that decides to expand west and requests that we find several acquisition candidates in 4-5 west markets. Our team will find the potential acquisition candidate as well as conduct a financial analysis on the company and a technology review. Usually, this is funded by a 3rd party. Members of our team have extensive experience in these arrangements having worked previously for Wall Street firms that funded these transactions for their portfolio clients.

More on Data Center Acquisitions

Data Center Acquisitions topped 12 Billion in 2011 and the rapidly growing market is expanding and becoming more attractive to investors and enterprises in need of more space. In particular the most attractive properties are those data centers that are fully leased as these locations already provide revenue for investors and growing enterprises. As the amount of data generated increases every day and companies look to limit exposure to higher internal costs due to retention, skill level and space, we see that data center acquisitions will continue to increase in the future. Contact us to find out more about data center acquisitions and how you can save costs.